Reskill or upskill your team for the post-pandemic workspace

Sales, Product, Operation, and Management Teams! Connect with the tourism professionals through a passion for learning!

A Blended Digital Solution

LVG Learning is an interactive Learning Experience Platform where you can create your own training division at your company and the gateway to reach top-selling companies to promote your brand globally.

Offers the unique destination courses, business skill and soft skill courses to upskill and reskill your team.

Your pass to the networking lounges.

Supported by cutting-edge gamification and interactive technology.

Curated selected curriculums into a simple linear path, allowing your team to build mastery with confidence.

Your mission is for greatness. Our mission is to make it happens. The prescriptive, role-based, and skill-based learning paths will prepare your team for the high-demand roles needed today and tomorrow in tourism.

ALL IN ONE tourısm platform



Story-based content flow, given tasks is engaging and totally new in the tourism sector.


Quizzes and surprise questions take attention to the important points. You will find lots of useful information and remember them while working on an itinerary.


Membership gives you access to our concept of "digital lounges” so you can network with front-line sellers on market.


You can reach tourist boards, DMCs, hotels and attractions easily at the lounges country by country.


Earn prizes, gifts, tickets, free Stays & more.


The prizes are offered to those who are taking the courses. These prizes are offered by destinations, hotels, DMCs, services and product suppliers, and other businesses in the tourist industry.

How will you test the benefits?


a free demo session to see the well-business-being goals. 



your team's information with LVG team.




to the elite B2B community, where quality matters rather than quantity.



with the best online destination and skill courses, networking activities, country lounges where local tourism experts inside for your questions and promotions.




time and money with the confidence of being at the right place.

Are you ready to run better traffic?

If you are not sure how you can get the benefits and which benefits suit you, please feel free to send an email or book a live demo!

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Learn how to be in the game and run your tourism activities without any limits among the global destinations!