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The nature of the travel trade is changing. Are you wondering what the future’s going to bring - and will you be ready for it?

LVG Learning provides training and capacity-building programs that support soft skill improvements in personal life and career goals.

Invest in Your Potential. Invest in Your Team’s Capacity.

LVG offers flexible learning options for busy tourism professionals. Soft skill courses are on-demand self-paced courses providing easy access to flexible learning, personal development, upskilling and reskilling opportunities. 

We can help you reskill your current skills and embrace new ones so you stay confident, capable, and in-demand.


The “human capital” is the most important asset in the tourism industry.

 The attitudes, knowledge and skill of the people who create, plan, operate and deliver services play a critical role in determining the performance and the quality of any tourism business.

Would you make a meaningful contribution by investing in yourself or your team to grow this capital?


Sample Online Course Titles:

• Being a Responsible Corporate Digital Citizen
• The Art and Science of Communication
• Developing Your Business Acumen
• Developing Emotional Intelligence
• Truth, Hope, and Equity in a Disrupted World
• Maintaining a Cohesive Multigenerational Workforce
• Coaching Techniques That Inspire Coaches to Action
• Taking Stock of Your Work/Life Balance
• Building Your Professional Network
• Learning from Failure
• Sharpening Your Focus to Stay on Track
• Leveraging the Power of Analogical Thinking

and many more...


Course Details:

Duration: 30 min.


Method: Self-paced, On-demand


Mobile-Friendly: Yes

The most extensive course library in the world.

Courses developed based on the science of learning.

24/7 cloud access to all courses.

Courses for every step of your career.

Our content is purpose-built to help you achieve your goals — whether that’s, stepping up to tackle a more challenging role, leading a remote team, preparing new business strategies under challenging conditions, searching for the new disciplines to grow your business, or simply exploring new subjects that sound intriguing. 

We make it easy to reach exactly what you need now — and what you need long-term to accelerate your career.

You don’t need to search for the most tourism-relevant courses among thousands of them.

Explore all courses for you or your team:



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