What Everybody Ought to Know About Corporate Gamification in Tourism

Updated: May 16, 2021

Just in case you do not know, gamification is turning some process into a game by offering rewards, badges, or experience points to incentivize people towards a goal. This process works excellently, even with business professionals.

When the prizes offered are seen as valuable, most travel traders will become willing to compete to win the offers. And let’s be honest, nobody really likes to complete a task, especially learning, when there is no reward involved.

“LVG is the only social-first, platform-specific solution in the tourism professional education market that offers gamification in their courses.”

How Does LVG Gamification Work?

First, the prizes are offered to those who are taking the course. These prizes are offered by destinations, hotels, DMCs, services and product suppliers, and other businesses in the tourist industry. These companies get their brand highlighted and promoted and contribute to the quick, credible support as being “local experts.”

Next, the participants are given the timeframe in which the online learning is to take place. Another benefit of gamification is that there are clear goals set. Having a timeframe is one of those goals.

After that, the participants collect the points and earn badges. This is when prizes can be won! This is also when the real work and learning take place. As participants work to earn points, they are learning about the destinations at the same time.

As points are collected, results will also be tracked. As has already been mentioned, gamification helps provide specific goals for participants to meet. Tracking results helps to see the desired goals or performances met.

“Games are the only force in the known universe that can get people to take actions against their self-interest, predictably, without applying force.” ― Gabe Zichermann

And finally, a rewards ceremony. Everyone likes getting compliments for their accomplishments, and once the timeframe and goals have been met, recognition is given.

The Best Part

The best part of the whole gamification is that LVG Learning takes care of this whole process. So if you are keen on carrying your brand to the new platforms in the modern world competition the tourism industry, you need to call good people to get more details about the good deals they can offer to help promote your brand. Please check out also our gamification page.

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