Top 9 Things You Should Never Do in the New Era

Updated: May 17, 2021

Today we will look at the New Year and Tourism from a few different points of view. It’s always fun and essential to see life in 360 degrees.

2021 = 5 = Mars = Action!

What the whole world experienced in 2020 was like a science fiction movie script. It forced us to go beyond our logic and to move away from our routines. Mind-blowing events! So, let’s look at 2021 from this same crazy point.

On the 18th of January 2021; governments started to order vaccines, some countries still keep their borders closed, some are open. American political movements are on everyone’s daily agenda. Some national airlines reduce flights, some low-costs add new destinations. National tourism offices are careful but the new digital opportunities are still hardly understood. Long-haul programs are being delayed, outbound companies are hesitant and uneasy, but some hotel chains are investing in new regions where many of them are still closed.

Do you spend enough time in a day reading tourism, technology and economy news in the world? You can easily see how unstable and unforeseen the situation we are in, how potentially the new era is “coming”. Now, we can start talking about the old and the new truths.

The reality is; we are like toothpaste out of the tube - No turning back!

We have entered a period in which we can no longer do anything in the same way. There is not even a “new normal” because everything has already changed. There is only “new” now.

We need to get ready for discoveries that will completely override old technologies. We are at a crossroads in terms of our business or private lives; we would either rely on our previous routines with mistakes or we would decide to create a better future together. We would either lose or gain from this change.

The tourism industry contributes to a higher GDP worldwide and is ranked 10th on the list of the 10 global biggest industries by revenue. However, if we rank by employment size, the travel industry comes in as the first one:

Global tourism employment number for 2020 is 27,182,096.

You read correct, twenty-seven million!

(source :

This industry is human-oriented and all gains and losses revolve around people. Thus, regardless of position and location, everyone working in the tourism industry should avoid some behavioral patterns by 2021.


“The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps - we must step up the stairs.”

V. Havner


Top 9 things you should never do in 2021

Good news; they are simple things,

Bad news; therefore they are difficult and can be ignored.

1. Being out of date

2. Not questioning the information

3. Ignoring education and new learning tools

4. Not being flexible

5. Not being disciplined

6. Not making decisions with mind and common sense

7. Not taking action

8. Not being solution-oriented

9. Do not undervalue the creative thinking

Our starting point; the year 2021, will be full of Progress, Development and Action.

1. Being out of date

Read. Listen. Watch. Join. Share.

Keep yourself informed and updated. Become a part of the whole society and the industry community.

2. Not questioning the information

Is it real what you read or heard? Information will spread multiply faster, and there is the trap. You have to be questioning the new comings, do not just believe but seek the truth.

3. Ignoring education and new learning tools

Change has come, but how do we notice and implement it? We came to these ages by learning everything from scratch; how to walk, talk, do business. Now is the time to learn about new things and develop new skills. Otherwise, you might be close to being out of the game, sorry.

4. Not being flexible

As the ways and means of doing business change, it is essential to be flexible. The adaptation of the workplace to the new is possible with your harmony. If you are not flexible, you get broke easily. Are you ready to question your old methods?

5. Not being disciplined

Perhaps this is where we will have the hardest time. How long is your to-do list that can steal from your sleeping and coffee time? Do you work in a frame or is it like a leaf whose daily direction is unknown?


“For every disciplined effort, there is a multiple reward.” Jim Rohn


6. Not making decisions with mind and common sense

The global money flow, tech-driven information and social movements may be a bit complicated and chaotic this year. Whatever your circumstances are, always take your mind and senses with you. This year you will need them more than ever!

7. Not taking action

We took our lessons partially or completely. Now is the time to act. If you do not make the new breakthroughs you want to make with new ideas and creativity, you may regret them with fear and anxiety. New job, a new line of business, a new concept, a new program; you can be sure that this year is the right time. Every chaos brings order and the new order is established by those who act on time.

8. Not being solution-oriented

You no longer have time for fear. In 2020, problems had limitless capacity. We knit. Spend your time focusing on solutions rather than problems and troubles. Then the time will be your friend to heal your environment.

9. Do not undervalue creative thinking

There can always be better. Tourism pros need to come together, hear others and be heard more. Thus, new ideas can be born. Supporting the new generation, sharing and uniting with others will make you grow.

Are you a tour operator, travel agency, hotel employee, airline or tourism officer? Our golden rule is to know how to be a master in your field:

  • Admit that you are a master.

  • Be calm like a master.

  • Don’t divide, unity like a master.

  • Be curious and intend to learn new things.

  • Support others, share with others, empower others.

  • Be humble like a master, never give up your basic principles and use them to extract knowledge.

  • So instead of confusion, you see clarity.

  • Then, no matter how challenging the things around, you are just on the way to the goal.

Be a higher version of your Mars: Stay focused, Energized and Run!

All the best,


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