The Icarus Deception in Tourism Expectations

Updated: May 17, 2021

2020 is a year to write books, produce films about it. Whether it was a beginning or an end, we don’t realize yet, but we will know when tomorrow comes.

While reading tourism statics, a teaching story showed up at to my desk; The Icarus Deception.

The Icarus Deception in Tourism Expectations

Icarus, in Greek mythology, must escape with his dad, Diadalos, from a maze. Diadalos is a craftworker, and he sews wings for her son to take off. He instructs his son that if he flies too low, he will fall into the sea, even if he flies too high, his wings will melt by the sun’s rays. Icarus must keep a balanced degree, without fear or unreasonable ambition.

Icarus forgets his dad’s message with the bliss of high sky, his wings melt, he crashes into the sea. Today, we call that sea in which Icarus fell, the Ikeria Sea.

There are many practices we pick up from history. The recent reports and predictions do not show a clear path so far. We follow the news on vaccine progress but it is time to concentrate on grounded and balanced plans for us.

What we have in the hand;

1. Loss of yield is huge

2. The business potential looks weak until the first fraction of 2021

3. The early steps will be within the own borders of each continent

4. Long-haul destinations will generate further effort for marketing to be on the list

5. Over 50% of small travel companies are expected to shut down this winter

The figures are heartbreaking for the tourism industry.


Elearning is the second most important training method for companies, online learning statistics reveal.

(credit: Shift Elearning)


The core sectors like banking, manufacturing, insurance, etc, have seen the benefits of online training years ago. They used the practical intellect of e-learning for their employees and retailers. The core reasons behind; learning is cost-effective, convenient and too flexible.

Today, we realize how necessary online training conditions are for tourism.

• How will tourism companies adopt online learning?

• How many employees will be in your team in 2021

• Which destinations will you market?

• How will you market it?

• How will you make a purchase? Is it from the wholesaler? Is it online? Is it direct from local vendors?

• At what price will you compete?

and more...


“The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we hit it.”

~ Michelangelo


2021 will a pivotal year for travel traders

The Icarus Deception in Tourism Expectations would be a critical analogy. Would you expect that everything will be boosted after the vaccine works? Or, would you persuade to stay on the deep-down? I believe in balanced strategies; let us improve our current assets then we adapt to the future better.

We write this blog to share information within the framework of tourism and education components. Our prime aim is to accelerate the distribution of information in the sector. We work to assure the market conditions will be accessible to everyone.

We invite you to join us to reinforce learning & networking in your environment.

They always said it; this is time to stay together. Let’s start today.

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