The Book of January: Mind Over Mood

Updated: May 17, 2021

This famous book begins with the inspiring example of an oyster and a grain of sand.

The grain of sand enters into the oyster by disturbing it. The oyster needs to relax, it secretes its chemicals and turns the grain of sand into a pearl. Thus, the grain of sand disturbing the oyster is the beginning of a new and beautiful formation.

My book recommendation for January: Mind Over Mood, written by Dr. Dennis Greenberger and Dr. Christine A. Padesky.

It has a very full website:

What I like most about the book is that it is full of practical applications and examples. Rather than reading in prose, it gives a practice that you need to study for half an hour each day. It's a kind of sport for your soul. I guess that's why it broke sales records in 2020.

The Book of December: Mind Over Mood

Tourism: The surfing on the waves

Fluctuation in the tourism industry every 3-5 years is normal. But this year – even a little longer for some of us, problems have come on tsunami waves. Those who lost the job, their relatives, and those who closed their offices, companies; career, money are very important, but how is our mood, psychology while all this is happening?

We all have a title and different areas of responsibility. Each of us has a different position simultaneously such as employee, employer, CEO, sales manager, mother, father, spouse,... When things go well and calm, we can only be "ourselves" from time to time, right?

We have many pearls to discover as human beings. As ancient wisdom says, "know yourself".

In recent years, many people have been asking questions that their parents have not asked. While everything changes, we actually learn ourselves: Emotion is chemistry. Thoughts are the building blocks of matter. And you do have limited control over your thoughts and behaviours.

Our old "normal" life desires became the grains of sand in our oysters. How do we turn these problems into pearls?

If you want to learn the ways and start 2021 with a stronger motivation, I recommend Mind Over Mood to read and practise. But you will have to do homework :)

Learning is a lifetime companion. When the borders open and tourism routines begin again, we will no longer be the same person although we do the same job. For an economy, free from brutal selfishness, people who know themselves, who know their own alchemy, need to work harder & together.

I wish you discover the miracle that will turn your sand into your pearls.


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