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LVG Learning & Networking is committed to delivering value to travel traders across the globe with its mission and vision of empowering and driving excellence and success in the tourism community.

How does my company become a global affiliate?




  • Do you have your destination learning contents on a B2B platform?

  • Do you have control over your destination learning programs?

  • Are you looking for a compact & professional solution for marketing and B2B networking easily?


We built it!

Unique Contents * Credible B2B Networking * Cost-effective Marketing

LVG creates unique destination learning contents to deliver highest industrial knowledge directly to the travel companies.


Each city, each region has its special contents. You can select static or animated/interactive content production style for the best learning structure.


We understand your language. Contact us for customized solutions and pricing.


Tourism Organizations and  Associations

Do you know you can support your members with LVG features?

  • Open new business channels 

  • Develop new skills

  • Increase destination knowledge

  • Support business growth

  • Help your members to increase credible business network

  • Get most up-to-date promotions, trading supports, fam trip advantages

  • Stay in tune with the market movements

  • Use the benefits of free digital marketing


We support the tourism community for a quick recovery. Contact us how to accelerate your organization’s contributions.


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