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Which innovative position describes you?

Creative Package

Destination Marketeers

Valid for one year

Unique destination content development on a proven educational structure


Credible, practical global networking


Cost-effective B2B digital marketing

Gamification enrolment


  • Smart Learner

    Tourism Professionals
    Valid for one year
    • Travel Skills Courses
    • Selected Business and Personal Skill Courses
    • Global Networking
    • Social Learning in the Professional Community
    • Gamification and High Engagement with Local Experts
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    Smart Business

    Inbound Travel Business Companies
    Valid for one year
    • Meeting the Global Tour Operators, Travel Agents
    • Quick & Easy Digital Marketing
    • 365 Day Exhibition Features
    • Successful Global Networking
    • Unlimited Marketing Capacity
    • Gamification and High Engagement

Who is LVG Platform for?

Are you a Destination Marketeer?



Have a unique destination learning content development on a proven educational structure.

Save time finding the B2B channel by global networking and marketing.

Engage in a complimentary internal activity with a trackable ROI.

Do you have a team to look after?


Sales, Operation, Product, and Management Teams in Tourism

The knowledge that comes to you as you look for it.

Upskill-reskill your team with the selected curriculums.

A cost-effective way to prepare the workforce for the future.

Are you in the Inbound Travel Business? 


Hotels, DMCs, Guides, Airlines, Cruises, Railways, Museums, Parks

Increase the brand awareness among the right audience.

Unlimited free B2B live marketing among ready market buyers

Save money finding the B2B channel by global networking and marketing.