Networking platforms have become one of the most important and critical business models of the 21st century!

Too many virtual meeting points are creating too many options.

Tourism, by its nature, is one of the biggest industry with corporate networking activities. 

Common failures of Tourism B2B Networking platforms:

  • Not being involved in the in-depth market operations,

  • Disregarding the destination, product and segmentation varieties by putting all in one pot,

  • Failing to develop trust among members by causing the low ROI,

  • Dismissing the quality priority rather than quantity,

  • Lack of support and tailor-made consultancy,

  • Limited time and mismatched meetings.

So, how do you find simple yet productive ways to reach more buyers & sellers directly?


LVG can help. 85% of our members are outbound companies, ready to sell your product. Moreover, they are handpicked. Membership gives you access to our system of digital “outbound lounges” so you can network with front-line sellers on market. The ability to directly communicate to this group, avoids your messaging from getting lost in convoluted supply chains.

Top 9 Benefits of Handpicked LVG Networking


  1. Makes your brand more visible on a dynamic worldwide platform

  2. Keeps you engage with travel traders in meaningful ways and does it consistently

  3. Creates professional data and information about your brand to the destination sellers

  4. Strengthens your existing relationships through new learnings

  5. Leads you to the new business

  6. Keeps your brand in the know in the global markets

  7. Gives you stronger support with the market insiders and reports

  8. Provides new ideas and perspectives

  9. Empower your strategy planning through


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NTOs, DMOs, Hotels, Suppliers




Tour Operators, Travel Agents, Associations

Networking, learning, meeting people

"Networking has been cited as the number one unwritten rule of success in business. Whom you know really impacts what you know."

Sallie Krawcheck





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