We invite you to join those thousands of others to experience the excellent spirit of hard work and intimacy. 

Do you have huge budgets for marketing in 2021?

Will you have enough time to schedule extended sales visits in the next months?

How will you spend time to expand your business network?

LVG Learning is a global community of B2B travel traders. 
We commit to empower tourism entities and support their business growth. 


We provide the deserved quality to lean on and learn from through networking, online training, inspiration, and business opportunities. 


It is approved that 2020 is one of the most challenging years in world history. Global and local tourism wait for smart recovery and “new normal” practises. And, we need to work harder to establish new business models to secure the future.

Networking, learning, meeting people

"Networking has been cited as the number one unwritten rule of success in business. Whom you know really impacts what you know"

Sallie Krawcheck

How would you like to meet your next business partner?


LVG Learning points the crowds out there and offers you that straight-line among two dots; quick, simple and effective.  


We create credible meeting points for the tourism community, not only for the survival values but also impactful opportunities to change and upskill the business culture.

Networking, meeting, learning








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