Networking platforms have become one of the most important and critical business models of the 21st century!

Too many virtual meeting points are creating too many options.


Tourism, by its nature, is one of the biggest industries with corporate networking activities. 

Common failures of Tourism B2B Networking platforms:

  • Not being involved in the in-depth market operations,

  • Disregarding the destination, product, and segmentation varieties by putting all in one pot,

  • Failing to develop the trust among members by causing the low ROI,

  • Dismissing the quality priority rather than quantity,

  • Lack of support and tailor-made consultancy,

  • Limited time and mismatched meetings.

So, how do you find simple ways to reach
more buyers and sellers directly?


LVG can help. Our members are hand-picked inbound and outbound companies, ready to buy and sell in credibility. Membership gives you access to our digital “Country Lounges” system so you can network with front-line sellers and accredited local experts on the market.


The ability to direct communication prevents your messages from getting lost in complicated supply chains.

Learning creates a strong bond, empowering the seller to directly message front-line professionals with authenticity and trust. Smart marketeers will build on this platform, to create a community relevant to their business. 

Beat virtual fatigue and target your B2B channel digitally to get:



tourısm pros

In 2021


ınbound lounges

NTOs, DMOs, Hotels, Suppliers




Tour Operators, Travel Agents, Associations


Free & unlimited digital marketing.


Year-round & unlimited exhibition and meeting features.


Interactive access with the freedom to choose the target markets.


Free travel-trade consultancy, free market reports, analysis, statics.


Directly delivered B2B messages.

Learn How to Make the Real-World Network in the Digital Tourism World

Are you ready to run better traffic?

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Learn how to be in the game and run your tourism activities without any limits among the global destinations!