B2B Marketing

How will DMO promotion look in 2021 and beyond?


Marketing spends rarely reach the front-line staff who actually sell your destination.


Smart marketeers will build on this platform, to make a community relevant to their business.

How will you promote your destination in 2021 and beyond?


Learning creates a strong bond, empowering the seller to directly message front-line professionals with authenticity and trust. Smart marketeers will build on this platform, to create a community relevant to their business. Sharing your promotions directly with the real sellers, through LVG’s digital lounges. Sense check buyers and keep a real-time pulse on the markets.


Beat virtual fatigue and target your B2B channel digitally to get:



Free & unlimited digital marketing.


Year-round & unlimited exhibition and meeting features.


Interactive access to a dynamic community, with the freedom to choose target markets.


Free travel-trade consultancy, Free market reports, analysis, statics.


Directly delivered B2B messages.


Too many online, hybrid, virtual, physical events are happening. 


LVG gives you the flexibility so that you can meet anyone at any time and track the results.

cost effectıve

Cost-effective solutions so that you can benefit the maximum ROI by spending minimum effort.


The new ed-tech designed and adopted for travel traders so that you can get the critical market analysis, reports and performance statics to plan your strategies correctly.

Thinking to learn how to adapt your brand to the new B2B learning technologies and develop more business? 

Write to us to set a free consultancy to get target market insiders from our travel-trade professionals located in Europe, Asia, GCC and US.  

The LVG team have over 100 years of hands-on tourism experience, so with a dedicated focus on B2B, you can get the right guidance in building your brand in your chosen markets.