B2B Marketing

How will DMO promotion look in 2021 and beyond?


Marketing spends rarely reach the front-line staff who actually sell your destination.

Learning creates a strong bond, empowering the seller to directly message front line professionals. Smart marketeers will build on this platform, to make a community relevant to their business.


Too many online, hybrid, virtual, physical events are happening. 


LVG gives you the flexibility so that you can meet anyone at any time and track the results.

cost effectıve

Cost-effective solutions so that you can benefit the maximum ROI by spending minimum effort.


The new ed-tech designed and adopted for travel traders so that you can get the critical market analysis, reports and performance statics to plan your strategies correctly.

Top 7 Destination Marketing Mistakes you should avoid:

1. Poor Research

You need to understand the different markets and different needs. Regardless of your target sources, marketing is an ongoing effort and you should hit the target on time by avoiding expensive and ineffective ways. 


2. Broad targeting

If you can’t identify your core B2B audiences and the right channels to win them, your message can get lost. Be careful who is really for you and where to find.


3. Wrong USPs

Your unique selling points set your brand apart from others and identify why your audiences need to sell your destination, products and services.


4. Disregarding the new potential companies & people

The travel trade is a very dynamic sector and your need to be on alert for the new gamers who promises the new potentials.


5. Not tracking the performance

Ed-tech made it easier to keep track of trends and expectations and use it to your advantage. Many destinations fail to track the performance to identify B2B trends for improvement.


6. Unwilling to invest

Common hassle nowadays. But you shouldn't let a lack of budget prevent you from securing high ROI opportunities when tourism is back. Competition is still there.


7. Unwilling to adapt

Tourism marketing needs to tailor strategies for different markets and different traveler behaviours. You should be courageous and visionary to adopt new models to wider your audiences and maximize your destination profits.

Thinking to learn how to adapt your brand to the new B2B learning technologies and develop more business?

Write to us to set a free consultancy to get target market insiders from our travel-trade professionals located in Europe, Asia, GCC and US.  

The LVG team have over 100 years of hands-on tourism experience, so with a dedicated focus on B2B, you can get the right guidance in building your brand in your chosen markets.      


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