LVG Learning is the world’s first Learning Experience Platform, exclusively for tourism professionals.

Tourism is a labour-intensive industry. Global tourism is ranked the second-highest revenue-generating industry next to the oil industry. But, aren't there some incompatibilities under the education topic?

There is the multidisciplinary nature at the travel trade. It requires a qualified team who is capable of synthesizing and integrating the real knowledge, proper skills and right attitudes. 

The requirement of experience on the ground is essential for the tourism-related fields, but the on-the-job training process is time-consuming and critical. 

How will you provide secured and standardized training for your team? 

Here, we offer intelligent solutions to existing and future problems!


"Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one”

Malcolm Forbes

We address the changing way in which travel organizations need to develop their employees by providing;



soft skıll


business skıll


We designed the platform for modern, digital travel professionals worldwide.

This new generation platform will be your one and only "tourism academy" with credible networking advantages.


 Are you ready for the new era?


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