Why Learning?

Because it’s the future. In multiple sectors today, business development and digital learning work in tandem.


Tourism is an exception, and it’s time this changed.

Mind the Skill Gap!

Poor basic product knowledge alone cost companies 8% of revenue*

* Skillsoft


"Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one”

Malcolm Forbes

Thinking to develop your destination courses?

Destination Learning, Destination Courses, Destination Training, -many names, same concept- are growing rapidly while learning in tourism is taking a more fundamental place. Thinking to develop your destination courses? Is your current platform and contents supporting B2B requirements?


LVG uses techniques honed by the world’s foremost digital companies to harness user engagement.


Why is this so critical?

Tourism’s productivity is low and companies face hidden costs by failing to invest in professional development. LVG addresses this. Our courses are dedicated to the B2B tourism professional. You get the combined next-generation e-learning software with especially curated courses from trusted sources.


B2C and B2B marketing require a fundamentally different approach. B2C needs inspiration; whilst the travel trade needs practical knowledge to convert sales. Hence, our travel courses are structured by destination.


Over 100 years of hands-on tourism experience with dedicated spirit, means the LVG team understand source markets and work for the dream of developing low-cost, successful, result-oriented businesses through good things like “learning”.


We empower travel professionals with courses on:



Destination Learning journeys have a structured format to guarantee a consistent user experience.

soft skıll


Over 90 courses e.g. working effectively in the digital age. Communicating with impact, Negotiation, Emotional Intelligence, Self-Consciousness at work and many more.  

business skıll


Ideas and visions for better business skills training for tourism professionals. Negotiation and sales skills, Managing in difficult times and many more. 


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