You are serious business people, not gamers!
So we are.


But how do you pre-empt the new digital life changes in tourism ahead to succeed in the future?


Statics defines that gaming mechanics such as Badges, Experience Points and Leaderboards infuse the engagement and attention with clear goals, motivating awards.

What is Corporate Gamification? 

Gamification is a joyful mechanism in online learning management to engage with members to inspire, collaborate, share, support and interact.
The right kind of B2B prizes boosts travel-traders' retention! When the business is fun and rewarding with you, your brand will be the first thing on the minds.

Are you looking to raise awareness of the brand by increasing its visibility? You can embed your mission and destination/brand values within every aspect of LVG’s professional structure.

Be in the game!

Offer your prize


Offer your prize and let the members "be in the game."

It is important to have a clear sense of what the goals are.


Establish a timeframe

Corporate gamification is a long-term marketing strategy.



Let target audiences collect the points and earn the badges

Track the results

LVG gamification can help you to track the results and performances.



Join the award ceremony with no effort   


We prepare the best creatives so that you can enjoy the high-class digital award ceremony program and pre-post digital marketing campaign.

What Everybody Ought to Know About Corporate Gamification in Tourism

How LVG gamification can support your branding?



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