Destination Learning and Soft Skill Development Platform for Tour Operators

LVG Learning is an exclusive, new generation, interactive Learning Experience Platform.

Outbound Tour Operators,

Travel Agents, DMCs, Tourism Boards, Tour Operators and Assosiations


LVG Learning is an exclusive web-based learning and networking platform.

Only invited users can log in and get online courses.

The virtual exhibition where you can reach local experts, instructors online at any time. 

12.000+ users


market place

Are you ready to capture digital transformation with online learning advantages for your organization?

LVG Learning provides you a single entry to learn destinations and improve your knowledge. Grow your team capabilities and expand your global network.

What makes the LVG Learning Platform so different than others?

LVG Learning is the only travel trade Learning Experience Platform (LXP) where you can:

lvg learning for tour operators


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Empower your business & Experience the Destination Learning Journeys!

What is a Destination Learning Journey?

LVG Learning has a "Destination Learning Journey" course catalog. A Destination Learning Journey includes courses about the city with rich content, surprise questions, interactive maps, tasks, and exams where instructional design techniques tightly connected to learning objectives.

lvg learning dashboard

Engaging Instructional Design

Modern, engaging instructional design by instructional designers supported by travel people.

Combination of smart information design principles with time-tested instructional design,

Rich Contents


Outstanding local information quality,

History, facts, highlights, statistics, interactive maps,

Hotels, restaurants, people, social life,
Tourism facilities and opportunities,
Tasks, unique selling points, questions,


lvg learning dashboard

A Destination Learning Journey Sample Course Screens

Interactive maps
Engaging instructional design
Surprise questions
Easy to follow course structure
line backgorund

lvg learnıng offers

To grow your business with the market insiders.

Playful learning experiences to your team for upskilling.

Accessibility 7/24 and performance reporting.

To be on the stage of leadership through learning.

Affordable membership!

Upskill your team.

Grow your business.

Meet global leaders.

Increase retailer loyalty.

Strengthen business strategies.


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