Share your destination story through learning

Destination marketeers! Connect with tourism professionals through a passion for learning!

A Blended Digital Solution

LVG Learning is an Interactive Learning Experience Platform to promote your brand. Differently.

You are invited to get the gateway to train hand-picked global travel companies. Effortlessly.

Creating unique course structures to enhance sales skills for your destination.

Your pass to the networking lounges.

Supported by cutting-edge gamification and interactive technology.



Empower B2B travel professionals with your Destination Learning Journeys developed using the latest instructional design strategies by instructional designers.


Membership gives you access to our concept of "digital lounges” so you can network with front-line sellers on market. The ability to directly communicate to this group avoids your messages from getting lost in complicated supply chains.


Keep the learners engaged and the visibility of the destination high. Sharing your promotions directly with the real sellers through LVG’s "digital lounges" or "gamification" gives you the chance to beat virtual fatigue and target your B2B channel.

How will you test the benefits?


a free demo session to see the well-business-being goals. 



your destination raw content with LVG creative team.




to the elite B2B community, where quality matters rather than quantity.



your brand with no limits, no hedge, no extra cost but gamification, country lounges, social walls!




time and money with the confidence of being at the right place.

Are you ready to run better traffic?

If you are not sure how you can get the benefits and which benefits suit you, please feel free to send an email or book a live demo!

LVG consultants are ready to share more insiders and advantages about this world’s first Learning & Networking Platform.


Learn how to be in the game and run your tourism activities without any limits among the global destinations!