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LVG Destination Learning Journeys will take you around the world, exploring cultural diversity, rich heritage, natural and man-made tourist attractions, refined hotels and restaurant information and smart operational tools for your tour planning. 

No product knowledge means, no sales, no business!

Destination knowledge is the most fundamental fact of travel commerce.


However, proper destination knowledge is often one of the most mismanaged and disregarded aspects of the travel industry, despite its obvious and enormous importance. 

Experience the journeys on the world’s first "Learning Experience Platform" dedicated to Destination Skills! 

LVG Destination Learning Journeys are developed by tourism experts for tourism experts. Spare a few hours on courses and you get all the needful information about the destination you are looking for to promote.


Simplified and refined data will help you sell better and operate better. 


Success is where you know your product! 

 LVG Destination Learning Journeys focus on evolving correct and refined destination information from a travel agency perspective and how travel companies successfully align with this know-how.

We teach you all you need; nothing more – nothing less: 

lvg learning elearning platform

Engaging Instructional Design

Modern, engaging instructional design by instructional designers supported by travel people.

Combination of smart information design principles with time-tested instructional design.

Rich Contents

Outstanding local information quality,

History, facts, highlights, statistics, interactive maps,

Hotels, restaurants, people, social life,
Tourism facilities and opportunities,
Tasks, unique selling points, questions

Final Exams

•    Destination Expert Certificate


Upon successful completion of LVG Destination Learning Journeys, you will:

•    Understand the destination through uniquely designed contents 
•    Learn the destination’s operating environment  
•    Learn the unique selling points for your marketing 
•    Be aware of the assets for strategic tour planning  
•    Understand the products, i.e. hotels, restaurants, activities in a simple and effective way.


The Destination Learning Journey Course Details:


4 Courses | 2 Tasks | 1 Exam

Duration: 1.5 - 2 Hours

Method: Self-paced

Certification: Yes

Mobile-Friendly: Yes


  • Destination Expert Certificate of Competence by National or Regional Tourist Board

  • LVG Learning Accredited Tourism Expert Program (ATEP)


A Destination Learning Journey Sample Course Screens

Engaging instructional design
Interactive maps
Surprise questions
Easy to follow course structure

Would you need a local expertise for more?

Go & Find them in the exclusive lounges on the platform without moving out and spending time and money.

So easy. So credible!



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