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Tour operators, travel agents! Our mission is to address the skills gaps existing in the tourism industry today. Surveys say us that better information can generate a 40% improvement in customer satisfaction. We appreciate that travel trade professionals add great value if they are empowered with the right information.



All our content across 10 countries follows consistent instructional standards. You will not get lost across a muddle of different styles and formats. Enjoy pure learning!


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Destination courses are more refined and meticulous than ever before! Enrol destination learning journeys, learn city by city! Promote city by city!


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Exclusively selected courses for travel professionals.

High-definition, studio production quality level.


Improve skills and retention.

Invest in yourself, in your team. Upskill, reskill.

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LVG Learning connects NTOs, DMOs and Suppliers to the international Tour Operators and Travel Agents with digital contents and concepts. The marketplace and meeting right people have never been so easy and carefully chosen!


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"A platform where good things are done for tourism"



What is LVG Learning? 

LVG Learning is a professional and exclusive Learning Experience Platform to improve destination knowledge and increase networking opportunities for travel traders.

Who can join? 

The platform is dedicated to B2B tourism partners. Login is available by invitation only.

What does the platform provide?

The platform provides professionally prepared destination contents and business, personal skill courses for tour operators and travel agents. 

What is unique with LVG Learning? 

1. You take the professionally developed destination training which fits your needs on your business.

2. You meet the local experts on real-time and interact with the product and service providers at any time. 

How does the system work?

The system provides you with a personalized dashboard. You are free to create your page and control your activities. If you have any question to ask, post on the wall. If you have any news to share, write on your blog.

Can anyone join?

No. The platform welcomes only B2B tourism partners worldwide.

How can I be a member? 

Fill the Pre-Registration Form below. Our team will contact you directly or email us: info@lvglearning.com 

What is the cost of membership? 
National Tourist Boards and Inbound partners sponsor the system. Free membership to outbound travel companies for Travel Skills if they meet the required criteria.  


What is the duration of membership? 
Memberships are valid for 12-months on a recurring basis. 


What will I learn? 
You will learn everything about the new destinations and updated information on existing destinations. The educational structure is based on Sales and Operation perspective of a travel company.


Whom will I meet?
National Tourist Boards, Tourism Associations, Hotels, Destination Management Companies, Attractions, Local Service Providers, Tour Operators and Travel Agents. Worldwide. 


More FAQ is available on the platform. 


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